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Delivery Wars: Pizza Times Put to the Test

Like many Americans, Pizza is a staple of my weekly diet, so imagine my happiness when my local paper offered not one, not two, but three free pizza coupons, for three different companies and delivery was included. Jackpot.

I looked at this as a golden opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do… time the pizza guys and see who was fastest. Call it having too much time on my hands or call it a service to my fellow Americans, but it had to be done.

Here were the rules. I would order the same large pepperoni pizza from all three companies and the stopwatch would start the moment I hung up the phone. The company with the fastest delivery time would be the winner. Simple enough, eh? harga indah cargo

Day One – Pizza Hut

7:00pm: I made the call and after being on hold for three minutes I ordered my large pepperoni pizza, reminding them that I had a coupon for a free pizza. Unfortunately for me, I still had to pay a delivery fee… fine. 7:05pm the clock starts.

7:57pm I hear a knock on my door and it’s the pizza boy.

Total time for Pizza Hut: 52 minutes

Day Two – Papa John’s

7:00pm: I make the call and get straight through to someone. I order the same large pepperoni pizza and I get told the same thing about a delivery charge. What is it with these places? Doesn’t “Free Large Pizza and Delivery” mean free? I guess not. But I digress… 7:03pm the clock starts.

7:33pm I hear a knock on the door and it’s the pizza boy. Impressive.

Total time for Papa John’s: 30 minutes

Day Three – Domino’s

7:00pm: The call goes out to “The Delivery Experts” as the call themselves on their website. I wait on hold for no time at all and make my order and guess what? No delivery charge! Wow. It’s about time. 7:03pm the clock starts.

7:37pm I hear a knock on the door and it’s the “Delivery Expert”.

Total time for Domino’s: 34 minutes


So it looks like the title of “Fastest Pizza Delivery Service” doesn’t go to the “Experts”, but to Papa John’s.

I understand that I may not have cured cancer with this little study, but next time you need a pizza delivered in record time you will thank me. Just don’t forget to tip the driver or it might not be so fast next time.