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A former police killed unarmed black invalid judgment
Mistrial, announced Monday by the judge,celine bags outlet the jury is still stalled the white policeman accused of shooting black drivers in south Carolina last year.
The death of Georgia's father to son sentenced to life in prison in the hot SUV
The ex - patrolman defense five weeks test think Michael slag,celine handbags sale he worry about the life of their own when the age of 50 control officer stun guns, walter Scott pointed at him. Slag north Charleston police fired in his confrontation with Scott on April 4, Scott's death in 2015.
The jury in its final report wrote: "despite the best efforts, we are unable to agree on decisions."
Video of the killing - in a bystander cell phone a wide range of online sharing and in the media sparked national outrage. Slag under 30 years of life in prison if convicted of murder.celine bag outlet The jury is considered to be the murderer of smaller conclusion.
Off-duty correction officers shot and killed in New York, sat in the car
This is the second time the jury has stalled in recent weeks,celine bags online frequent shootings. Declared invalid trial on November 12,celine bag sale when the Cincinnati campus police officer before the jury cannot reach a decision is also accused of shooting a black driver.
The jury embedded Friday weekend,celine bags replica it seems that there is only one juror station's ruling. Jurors commanded circuit judges Clifton Newman a letter said he can't with conscience "approved a guilty verdict." Newman, chairman of the jury later told he think the jury is still can reach a conclusion and discussion.
Things completely changed the weekend rest.celine bag replica On Monday, the jury is sent to the judge's report indicates that the "vast majority" is still undecided. They also asked the judge a lot of problems. They require to clarify why murder is added to a possible sentence and self-defense is the definition of the police is different than the general population.
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Game has never made a big problem in the trial, even if the slag is white, Scott is black. Jurors deliberated for more than 22 hours to four days.
Most of the testimony in the trials focused on cell phone video,celine bags sale sometimes is vague and uncertain. Jurors see video many times, including several frame by frame.
The judge rejected the defense lawyers on Friday Andy savage request is invalid.
"Note that received Friday is clear," savage said. "The court is aware of one or more of the juror is clearly not willing to vote for guilty."
Newman initially to discuss continue to pay attention to the dissolution of the jury before Monday.
Last year, the north Charleston,celine bags online reached a $6.5 million civil reconciliation,celine bag shop Scott's family. After the shooting, the city also asked the U.S. justice department policy focuses on a review of the police department how to improve its relationship with the residents.
Slag is also facing the next year in federal court on charges of Scott stripped him of his civil rights.
Girl Jenkins of fox news and the Associated Press contributed to this report.