The Mao Shan Wang DurianFruit Police

There have been many efforts To produce the taste of durian more palatable or to dilute it. Firms have, among other efforts, made it into chewy candy, flavored ice cream with it, made it into puddings, and place it to durian cream cookie wafers to introduce it to an audience broader than its diehard fans However, the simple fact remains that you like durian or you do not, wherever you come from. And if you want it, then you probably love it, and if not you probably hate it, even in cookie form. I have tried in vain to think of strategies to use it as a key ingredient. It is just too unwieldy. For the record, I have tried to like durian- I wish to enjoy it since I know it has to be really special as soon as you understand its secret. I have tried five times with no success- I can hardly get the smallest amount down.

The Stench of fresh mao shan wang durian is so severe that many housewives in Southeast Asia induce their husbands and their friends to eat it just outside- lest the odor permeate the carpets and cushions of the home. In fact, if you were to say either way, eating durian is quite a manly thing to do. Every day from the hottest areas of Asia are scenes of guys accumulated back exchanging soft but powerful hunks of durian and swapping great jokes or exchanging heated political views. The durian shell itself is manly. Hard with strong and rather dangerous big spiky thorns, it could literally be utilized as a medieval weapon, and probably has.

mao shan wang durian

In Countries in which the durian is prolific, there are lots of laws and regulations in town as well as federal charters as to where people can purchase, cut, and eat durian. Many resorts forbid their guests to bring durian to the resort, and whether the room stinks of durian the following day guests are fined. In certain places they could be arrested! Durian, undoubtedly, is the most controversial porn on earth.

I Personally have seen Wai Surat, Thailand’s Durian funding, a large village located in the center of Ko Samui. The locals are proud of Wai Surat, and I guess it is right up there with the Big Buddha temple in veneration. 1 cultivator when showing me his trees too, reverently, showed me the scars on his head where he was hit by falling durian previously. My wife’s Thai boxing is not as debilitating, he said laughing.