The Guardians of Time to Stationary Store

Since very last Feb ., when the Stationary’s proper rights were actually ordered by ViaMagna, a nicely identified top seller publisher in Barcelona, fascination has grown continuously. Juan Pine is unheard of as being an author of novels, but he’s not really unidentified to a number of areas within the Spanish community, as his posts and public holders on numerous concerns have already been dubious in the past. One matter was his contribution because the founder of the country’s initially civil movements in favor in the Gibraltarian’s rights and against his country’s claim in the Rock. Gibraltar is needless to say within the innovative, and the place to find some secret establishments where by portion of the measures takes place. But Los Guardians del Tempo is in no way a unique on Gibraltar (though Pine undoubtedly will take a chance to clarify his thoughts about the matter). In fact, the novel’s primary heroes are a Spanish secret assistance agent, Diana Roman, and a Romanian dissident and archaeologist, Christian Britain. In 1989, both are motivated to identify a upper body containing the legacy of any long shed civilization, normally the one which delivered the Atlantis misconception.


Even though this page turner requires the reader on a Western tour (United kingdom, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Bucharest, you name it), this writer doesn’t miss out on his chances to wide open significant philosophical and political science concerns for controversy. Yet it is fast activity and amazing figures that prevail as much as the extraordinary situations within the Romanian funds throughout the slip of communism at the end of year. Bucharest is about to explode as well as the Ceausescu’s can be overthrown any min. Diana and Christian should get the crucial or maybe, humankind will probably be endangered, as the legacy consists of essential details to face a terrible risk from our types. Click to read more

The publication is defined to become available at Stationary all through Spain on June 18th. It will likely be sold at El Corte Ingles, FNAC, Casa del Libra, major food store stores and the majority of big libraries. It may also be requested online on the described companies’ web sites. The Stationary’s ISBN is 978-84-96692-46-6. For further details and total synopsis, the novel’s site. Publishers considering translation rights will also get the suitable associates on that site.