Executive Protection Training – Bidding For a Rough Economy

Executive protection EP Professionals interested in getting contracts awards understand that it requires more brains than brawn to win. When applying for an EP Contract there are things you ought to know first. First and foremost you need to realize that prices takes on a greater significance in these recessionary times. Think additional value; prospective customers are searching for this in EP contract forecasts. Due to budgetary restrictions the total evaluated price is the deciding factor in awarding EP contracts nowadays. That is sad, but true. But with a little wisdom and talent you do not necessarily need to come in with the lowest EP contract bid to acquire.

Take into account you and Your EP group’s non-price aspects. This should include past experience. Describe in your bid package how you and your EP staff have successfully completed demanding EP missions previously on schedule and on budget. Describe your past performance and explain how you and your EP staff are not only hired guns. Allow the prospective customer know in writing that you and your staff are experts retained for their training and expertise in high-level EP, hazard evaluation, intelligence gathering, technical, medical and logistical abilities.


Never boastful, just matter of fatly the expertise and achievements obtained in the EP sector, the core competencies, proven EP history and your critical benefits. Take into Account the Price variables when applying for an EP contract also. Carefully consider and compute a realistic bid cost ceiling. One will make a profit and pay for the costs. As soon as you have decided your EP operational costing and have included a price buffer, submit your offer as a fixed-priced bid.

Describe in your bid package the significant¬†close protection training and how your deal will finally have the smaller cost and the way your fixed-priced EP proposal will significantly decrease the expense of this EP assignment for the potential customer. Explain that there will be no hidden costs, fees or financial strings attached to your bid. Further explain that you and Your EP team practice strict fiscal discipline on missions and the way you run a lean operation and would not pass on unnecessary costs to the potential client. Honestly and sincerely allow the customer know that you and your EP staff are trimming operational costing-requirements and passing on the savings to the customer. Here’s wishing you and your EP team wealth and prosperity. Keep safe and God speed.