Better Stock Photos- Need to Know More

Composition ought to be a priority. Balance facilities and your masses of interest. A principal attraction, say a child’s face can be reduced and to the left of centre looking up toward another centre of interest, say an adult encounter. This face should be slightly further away and put higher and to the right of centre. Straight lines placed parallel to the edges of the picture create a static feeling. Lines foster a sense of activity and dynamics. Curved lines can be used to direct the eye to an important topic and generally help strengthen human emotions. Since English speaking people read left to right, begin your curved diagonal line near the lower left corner to ‘facilitate’ the process of  reading’ the photograph. High contrast images Demand focus on edges and silhouettes. Clean silhouettes create a strong statement instead of busy, confused borders. Pure white backgrounds do help isolate the picture but frequently appear catalogue cold and like. Bear in mind, pure white and black do not occur in nature.

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Nature photos are most interesting when side light is present. Near dusk photos have a warm, rosy principal light which skims your landscape, creating a three dimensional effect. The shadows are a free bluish tone, providing the needed contrast in color. These close dusk photos are much more beautiful than other times of day, you should think about this time a must. People pictures are the hardest to take. Odd numbered groups produce a more pleasant composition than even numbered groups. With a few exceptions, nobody should be taking a look at the camera for a blunt look. The story being told must be clear and clearly stated. Expressions should be appropriate to the narrative: i.e. serious when concentrating and pleasant the rest of the time. Lighting can be available light when potential for a natural look or double flash when necessary.

Newspaper photographers use a bare bulb technique for a foolproof photograph that does not seem like a flash image but stock photographs demand a more professional outcome.  Backgrounds should be as none distracting as possible to be able to set the viewer’s interest in which it belongs. When presented with a chance to take a list of best free stock photo sites, first scout out the available backgrounds and set your topics within its own borders. Pay particular attention to the background immediately behind the faces for a clean appearance. Random distracting articles can easily be digitally removed later in Photoshop. While these tips are but a portion of your jobs, they could make the difference between a one and a photo that sells.